Under the current city leadership, civility has been tossed out of the window. It is deplorable that our current Mayor says “my way or the highway”, and if you don’t agree with him, you will likely be publicly shamed for doing so. Political bullying is not acceptable, This needs to stop!


A leader is someone that brings dissenting views together to have civil and productive conversations, not publicly shame the general public on social media platforms because they had a conflicting point of view to the Mayor’s. As Mayor, I commit to you that I will work with all of the Council in unity to make the community the priority, not special interests. Let’s work together to restore civility in our local government.


Responsible Growth Policy


Hollister has seen an increase of new residential subdivisions recently as many housing development projects were approved while the City of Hollister was going thru a residential building moratorium. 


Unfortunately, poor planning has impacted our infrastructure and these projects were approved without a closer look at the impacts of those projects.  What we need as a community is responsible planning when it comes to future housing developments. 


Hollister needs an increase of affordable housing to help our residents become homeowners, but since the current leadership has failed to push for deed-restricted affordable housing, I plan on implementing policies that will help us address local needs for essential workers and much more. 


Through the General Plan update that is currently underway, we need to increase the density of downtown zoning and streamline approvals for these dense projects that help us preserve open space around the city’s sphere of influence.


Prioritizing high-density housing with infill projects will also help affordability and will also help downtown businesses survive and prosper.


Widening Highway 25


Thanks to San Benito County voters, 2018 Measure G passed with overwhelming support. 50% of the revenue generated from this measure (About $240 Million) is dedicated to the widening of Highway 25, a critical infrastructure needs for Hollister residents.


It’s unfortunate that current leadership has not prioritized this investment.


As your Mayor, I plan to make this my top priority. We can no longer allow our elected leaders to sit on the sidelines while we are all stuck on Highway 25 trying to get home to see our families.


Currently, the Council of San Benito County Governments has had discussions on a value-analysis of Highway 25.


Our current leadership must prioritize expediting this project using as much of the current alignment that they can while saving resources for the maintenance of local streets and roads.


Economic Development/Job Creation


Widening Highway 25 is important for those commuting outside of the community for employment, but we must remember that the ideal scenario would be to keep residents off of Highway 25 and 156 by creating jobs here locally.


We can start by building relationships with key business organizations and business leaders from Silicon Valley and the Monterey Bay area. Over 50% of our workforce commutes outside of the county for employment and a majority of those head north to Santa Clara County.


Right now, is a critical time to ignite those conversations with companies and our Economic Development Corporation to recruit these companies to Hollister by streamlining development approvals for industrial and research & development space and remove other obstacles that the current leadership has not addressed.


This is the time to pull all the stops and bring jobs to Hollister.